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Grey Owl

Grey Owl

Hello! I am Glad You Came Today.

There are no coincidences in this life, we were meant to meet today.  First, let’s get the labels out of the way.  My name is Grey Owl (not my “legal” name, of course).  I am a Wisdom Keeper, a teacher, a healer, a man who is growing and remembering who I am. I am here to help you to accomplish the same.

For this process you will learn that I am a Christian (thus the MDiv. in the URL), part shaman, part druid, part mystic, with a smattering of seer.  Wisdom Keeper, healer and teacher.  I will draw on any and all of my experiences, both old and new, to aid you in your goal to become whole and balanced and on the path to remembering who you are.  As you are healed, I am healed, and the world is healed.  That is the nature of Creation.  We are all in this together which why I feel that this path I am following is so important. The greater the wholeness within the world, the greater the wholeness of the world. It is about you and it is about me, but more importantly, it is about the entirety of creation.  Because of this, I congratulate you and thank you for your desire to heal and become you who truly are; that is, in its truest sense, to remember who you are in the deepest, most profound manner possible.  Yes. You have come to a good place for this.

Your personal religion/faith system does not matter in this healing practice.  Your intent to become whole and well and balanced in love and compassion is what matters the most.

Contact me at greyowlmdiv@gmail.com and stay tuned to this site for more information as this journey progresses. And, by all means, share this information and this site with your loved ones, friends, and acquaintances and even your “enemies” (they may need it the most. LOL!)  Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming.  See you soon.

Please go to Grey Owl Healing for All for more information.


11 thoughts on “About Grey Owl

  1. Hi G.O. I was wondering how/why you picked that name?…I thought there might be more to the GREY OWL aside from representing wisdom?!? We recently had a family of owls in the neighborhood. Almost every evening I could hear the cries of the owlets…heartbreaking. I so wished I had learnt their language. I am sure they were saying “hungry, hungry, where is my food?” but to me it sounded “help. help” – don’t know if you’ve ever heard them cry, but I swear that is what it sound like 🙂
    Anyway, enough of the owl-stories. Interesting blog you got – and definitely an interesting mix between Christianity and shamanism.
    See ya around…

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    • The Grey Owl is said to be wise, yes. Also, owls are associated with teaching. They are solitary birds who function primarily at night which gives them a mysterious quality. They see and hear what others do not and are very quiet when they are active. Some cultures see them as esoteric messengers, and view them as living in the spiritual realms as well as the physical. Not only that, but “Grey Owl ” has a good “ring” to it and, you have to admit, they are really cool looking.

      Your story reminded me of hitch-hiking in Scotland one Spring near Loch Lomond (a long time a go). I awakened early in order to catch a “good ride” north and as I trudged toward the main road, a herd of sheep began following me. They may have simply been bleeting, but I could swear they were all crying, “Heeeeelp!” ….. I picked up my pace. 🙂


      P. S. I am not a shaman. I just utilize similar seeming techniques sometimes. I operate on the themes of love and respect and balance and wholeness etc… Within those parameters, I will do whatever I can to help and heal any and all for the good of all creation. God loves His whole creation, who am I to do otherwise?


  2. Love your page, uplifting, inspiring and beautiful. Messages that bring light, love and brightness into a wounded world in need of healing. Thanks so much for sharing yourself with us all!

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  3. I am someone that gets messages for myself and others from the animals. My friend is doing some difficult inner child and soul retrieval work that I am helping her with and we are journaling the animal messages which come through after we drum and she channels. I am always amazed at the different animals that come through which have similar messages that create such clear picture as to their combined response.

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    • Animals are often messengers. Be mindful of those you experience in the physical realm as well. Blessings upon your service. If there is anything that I can do to help, just let me know.



  4. I have stumbled across your site with hope and positivity that my search will soon be extinguished because of a heavy heart and many dead ends. When I came across this site an immediate calm and hush came over me and my shoulders even dropped down which hasn’t happened in a long time. I am excited to begin this next chapter and release my apprehension and fill not only my heart but others with the love and wisdom of helping myself and others along in their own journey. Thank you for finding me. ❤

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